On Time and On Budget

Michael has worked with large and small budgets. From studios to passion projects he understands the challenges each production encounters.


Signing on board to your production. Michael is in 100% from table reads to location scouting.


A producer who is calm during stressful situations is a real asset on set and location.


With over twenty years of experience on set. You get the support and confidence you need.

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About Michael

Michael Caradonna is an entertainment industry veteran with over 23 years experience in all levels of production. He began his career in front of the camera as an actor and stuntman, quickly moving behind the camera where his real talent was developed
Michael Caradonna

Michael Caradonna

Producer/Line Producer/Director of Photography

Michael is huge fan of both television and film. Currently resides in Southern California with his beautiful family.


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Blood from Stone

This spring we began production on “Blood from Stone” Produced by Michael Caradonna and directed by Geoff Ryan. Shooting in several locations from Southern California to Las Vegas, Michael is working with a talented crew Read more…

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